Five Questions to Ask a Charity

A good article by Harriet Sergeant was published in The Spectator in the aftermath of the Kids Company demise with five questions to ask a charity. I shall ask them of Messy Church at BRF and shall try not to embezzle, hornswoggle or otherwise mislead as I answer. Who uses the charity and in what numbers? When you list the denominations who use Messy Church, it starts to sound like a version of 'A Modern Major General': 

Messy Abbey

Jane and I had a great time at Dorchester Abbey on Sunday celebrating BRF's 90th anniversary as only Messy Church can. Jelly featured, but not to eat, only to try to build on, as the theme was 'Building Up!' (and the little known parable of Jesus called 'The man who built his house on the jelly'). And of course there was a wide range of activities to explore the idea of BRF building people up in their spiritual lives, the Diocese of Oxford building people up through their churches and Messy Church building up family faith and fun together, all with Christ at the centre.

Who Let the Dads Out? story

If you receive our monthly emailed newsletter (free! fun! encouraging! useful!) you'll know that BRF has been delighted to welcome Who Let the Dads Out? to the BRF family recently. My colleague Jane runs a Messy Church which in turn runs a Who Let The Dads Out? group. She wrote a few weeks ago:

Messy Team grows!

BRF (The Bible Reading Fellowship) is delighted to announce two new appointments to the Messy Church Team.

Who Let the Dads Out?

So much happening! So exciting!