Canada Diary - Part 3

Now racoons, orcas and possums are added to the list of ferocious wild beasts I can expect to encounter round here: I am amazed I sleep at night. And apparently moose are not likely to be seen prowling round Vancouver. Alas.

Canada Diary - Part 2

After a leisurely start drinking much strong coffee and putting the world to rights with Claudette and Walt, my hospitable hosts, I went to join the Messy Fiesta in All Saints, Ladner, the church of Elizabeth, the vicar who has organised this stage of the trip. It was unusual for me, in that Elizabeth and the team held a Messy Church for families while I led a short Fiesta for visitors. We had a fun time - lots of questions and comments (interestingly, the issues are much the same as they are in the UK).

Canada Diary

After a ten-hour flight spent happily catching up on unsuitable films and rejoicing at God's sense of humour at sitting me next to a physiotherapist (my back has been playing up), I wondered how I would know who was meeting me at Vancouver airport amongst the huge crowd of people waiting to greet arrivals. But there was a massive T-shirt with the Messy Church logo splattered on it and a sign the size of Wales with my name on, both being wielded by a couple with hugely smiling faces.

News from Canada

With the thick snow outside as I write, I feel closer than usual to our colleagues in colder climes. Thomas Brauer, our regional coordinator for large chunks of Canada, sent news of the Messy Church picture over there as it unfolds, and some very juicy thoughts about the dangers of being a brand:


Our maple syrup bottle overfloweth - a fun visit yesterday from Andy and Sue Kalbfleisch who are based in the Diocese of Niagara and over here on a sort of sabbatical holiday pilgrimage gallop around as many Fresh Expressions as they can visit in a fortnight. It's interesting hearing how interest in Fresh Expressions is growing in Canada and how restricted they are by the lack of funds to develop any networks at a diocesan level. They have visited a Messy Church or two in Canada in preparation for their visit here.

Another model of family ministry in Canada

Have you come across Phoenix Community Ministry in Montreal? They too are very messy in their approach and have centred church around families instead of trying to wrap families around church - take a look at their video below: