Celebrating Christmas, celebrating Jane

One thing about being a Christian that strikes me is that, as we celebrate God’s story, we discover more about how much God celebrates us. And part of what we’re doing in Messy Church is to hold a monthly get-together that says to our families, ‘Look! You matter so much to God and to God’s people that we want to throw a party for you in Jesus’ name, with lovely things to do,  great party rituals and wonderful things to eat!

Celebration! Facebook Live thoughts from May 2020

Celebration: we all know the wonderful Kool and the Gang song of the same name! Celebration as a value for Messy Church came about because of wanting to dissociate the word ‘church’ from the word ‘boring’. Jesus spent so much time at parties and festivals – it’s amazing he got any carpentry or preaching done.

Messy Values Colouring Sheets

We're very grateful to Messy Church New Zealand and Annalies Berends for sharing these beautiful colouring sheets on the Messy Church values from the New Zealand Messy Church Conference in 2020. There's a colouring sheet and bookmark for each value plus a 'compilation' sheet of all the values in one big festive explosion and a sheet of all the bookmarks on one page. Download colouring sheets

Gladness - fun family prayer time

Say you’re going to be a little part of (name your church) church at home today. Before you begin, can everyone go and find something they can share with everyone else here today. It could be something to eat, a favourite story, a YouTube clip, a meme, a joke (if you must). You’ve got one minute to bring it back here… Light a candle and pray: With the light of this candle, we remember the light of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God, you are here with us now and also with our friends and family in their homes today.

Quiet Days at a distance - Prodigal Son

Quiet days at a distance – the parable of the prodigal son ‘God who celebrates’ and Messy Church

Why not put the Celebration first?

Someone wrote in recently and asked if there was any particular justification for doing Messy Church in the standard order, and why not start with the Celebration? Here’s what I said, in case it’s helpful. You may have other thoughts to add.

New Messy greetings cards

Check out the new range of Messy Church greetings cards at CPO (Christian Publishing and Outreach) including birthday, thank you, personalised and blank options.

Lucy's sabbatical musings: joy

Here's another thought about another element of our Messy Church character: joy!

Mexican and Peruvian dancers at Colorado Messy Church

Great to hear from Rev Carol Meredith at St Stephens Episcopal Church, Aurora, Colorado. Since July 2014 they have been joining up with their Latino neighbours for Messy Church and at Christmas they all explored Mexican Christmas traditions together.  First, 150 all ages celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe, making rosaries, paper flowers and Christmas ornaments to decorate a special Altar to Our Lady. They had Mexican dancers and food.

New CD from Fischy Music

Many Messy Churches have discovered how good songs from Fischy Music can be.  Stephen Fischbacher and his team work in schools in Scotland and many of us use his songs, such as Welcome Everybody and May you find peace in our messy celebrations.