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Seven Sacred Spaces

Our Messy Godfather, George Lings, was in cracking conversation with Tim Lea and Lizzie Lowrie from Fresh Expressions on Facebook about his new book Seven Sacred Spaces: Portals to deeper community life in Christ (BRF, 2020). Well worth a listen, but prepare to be challenged!

Discipleship Self Review Toolkit

Bristol Diocese have created a really thought-provoking document for teams to analyse and evaluate their own Messy Church. Why not give it a try if you’re exploring the aspect of the Discipleship Pilot which is ‘improving your Messy Church’? Download the PDF

Ten ways to be a nice easy Messy Church... or any church

I was privileged to speak at the Southern Counties Baptist Association this week and shared a few thoughts about 'pop-up' church versus 'proper' church. (I hope you can hear the ironic boom of those inverted commas.) In the process, it was quite fun to collect a list of suggestions for making a Messy Church trivial, superficial and 'frothy'. So, for your delectation and delight, here are ten ways to ensure your Messy Church—or indeed your 'proper' church—stays as ineffective as possible.