Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community


The Messy Church conference is less than a year away and it is going to be an event that will live long in the memory! I am excited about the conference because of who is going to be there. There will be people from all around the world present who are on their Messy journey. I find it amazing that there are thousands of people around the world involved in mission through Messy Church and through the conference we can have the chance for a fraction of that number to come together and learn together.

I think back to 10 years ago, when there was just one church doing Messy Church… BRF hadn’t even taken it on as one of its ‘programmes’… churches were just starting to ask about it, wonder about starting one too… but basically all the training on offer was me telling my church’s story and all of us making it up as we went along. It was a little lonely at times.

Family time at this year's Hand in Hand Children's and Family Ministry Conference in Eastbourne 6-8 February: alongside the many fabulous seminars, keynote speakers, prayer opportunities and networking with other church leaders, workers, volunteers and teams, this year there is an invite for families to go along on Saturday to engage with lots of activities in the