The Gingerbread Nativity

by Renita Boyle A four-week exploration of Advent. The perfect recipe for a memorable and tasty exploration of Advent and Christmas!

Art and Craft resources from Baker Ross

Baker Ross is teaming up with Messy Church to offer you an exclusive 15% off their exciting arts and craft range. With an inspiring selection of Christianity and Nativity crafts, art and craft essentials plus curriculum crafts and more, there’s plenty to choose from - make sure you don’t miss out and order today. Quote BRF15 for the 15% discount

Blessing boxes

by Rev. Canon Duke Vipperman We wanted to put something in the kids empty hands. So we developed the idea of a 'Blessing Box'. We used white Bride's favour boxes often placed at the table setting of guests at a Wedding reception. They are easy enough for most kids to assemble themselves. Then the box was filled with symbols of each beatitude. Riffing off the reworded Beatitudes found elsewhere on this Messy Church site, we gave the kids these ideas: 1. Good on you who feel empty,God's home is open to you.

Beads, beads and more beads!

The Bead Shop in Nottingham has an incredible array of wooden beads (along with many other kinds) for craft activities. Their postal service is excellent - orders are sent out the same day and they ring to tell you if there is anything they can't supply.

Sugar Marbling

by Valerie Prettyman You'll need: 2 level spoonfuls icing sugar 1 spoon white wine vinegar selection of food colourings card squares cocktail sticks a paste brush Mix together the icing sugar and the vinegar. Then brush it completely over your card. Be generous in your application! Then dip the cocktail stick in the first colour of food colouring and hold it onto the card where it will start to spread in a snowflake pattern. Then introduce more colours. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH as it does spread!

Messy Crafts

A craft-based journal for Messy Church members by Lucy Moore. Messy Crafts is a craft book with a difference! As well as bulging with craft ideas to inspire your creativity at Messy Church, it is also a journal to scribble in, doodle on and generally make your own.

Baker Ross discount code

Could you use a discount on craft materials? We have arranged with Baker Ross for Messy Churches to receive 15% discount on their purchases and for Messy Church/BRF to receive 5% commission. 1) Set up an account with Baker Ross as 'Messy Church St Freda's, Pontefract' (insert your own location). 2) When you place your order quote promo ref BRF15. A great way of buying quality materials and supporting BRF's Messy Ministry at the same time.

Messy Crafts for Christmas

Jane and I have been working with Ruth from Infinite Crafts to think of craft activities for Christmas that are reasonably priced and not available in the shops. And we've come up with some lovely ones! We hope you like them. My favourite is the Mini Nativity in a Box in the 10 for a tenner range, but I do have secret yearnings to paint my own Advent Calendar jigsaw too... Click on the link above to get straight to the Messy fun.

Smashing time

It's true: leaders have far more fun than congregations. Just spent a happy and therapeutic half hour purging the kitchen of chipped crockery and smashing it ready for our theme of 'peacemakers' tomorrow (turning the pieces into a mosaic cross, if you're interested). Lakeland bags are ideal for the task as they're very tough, and once I'd managed to convince the dog that there was nothing edible in the bag and to stand back and cover her ears, it was immensely satisfying to hurl it into the air and let the whole thing crash on to the concrete.

Family Teams

Another idea that popped up at the Round Table is to ask a family to run a craft together. This means that the separate family members get to cover for each other so they don't miss out on all the activities on offer; they'll need to talk and work together to plan and prepare their activity - i.e.