Messy Church

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I flew out with the gloriously few other passengers to Billund, where Inger was waiting despite the plane being ten minutes early and the baggage circling forlornly before I even reached the carousel. Lovely to see Inger again and catch up with her after two years: good job her English is so impressive as my Danish still consists of only the words Mange tak and Hej. Oh, and I've added schlachterhus to my vocabulary. I knew when I heard it I wouldn't be able to forget it: yes, slaughterhouse. Why can't I remember something useful?

Many of you may have met our Danish regional coordinator Bjarne Gertz Olsen during his stays in England. He is now a dear friend and colleague.

Back in October I was lucky enough to go and launch Messy Church in Denmark, and now Bjarne writes of what's developed in the four months since. I think you'll agree with his triumphant and understated ending: 'something is happening.' Bjarne writes:

'By this mail I want to give you some short information about what is happening with Messy Church in Denmark.