Why should we register our Messy Church?

The Messy Church team have put together a 'Maximising the Mess' guide with reasons for you to register your Messy Church on our directory. It's got lots of important points that take into consideration the previous guides, so definitely take a read, because we'd love to have you as part of the ever-growing Messy Church community. 

'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Reasons to register

Round 4: 'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Why should we register our Messy Church?

New Messy Regional Coordinators in Australia

Welcome to Greg Ross and Brenton Prigge in Western Australia! Also Welcome to Sue and Glen Taylor in Queensland, Australia! These enthusiastic people are our new Regional Coordinators in very large regions of Australia and we hope that they will attract even more RCs to help them build teams to support all of the growing number of Messy Churches. 

When will there be 1000 Messy Churches?

So we've got over 900 Messy Churches registered on the Messy Church website Directory, which is phenomenal, and thanks to all those teams who have taken the trouble to fill in the online form. Being on the Directory helps families find a local Messy Church; it helps churches who want to visit a local one to know where they exist, and it helps us at BRF to be in a position to talk a little more knowledgably about what God is doing through Messy Churches.

Are you the 500th?

We now have 489 Messy Churches on the Directory! This is phenomenal, even to those of us, who, like me, are innumerate and find it hard to picture so many ('If all the Messy Churches were together in one room, they would be as messy as....') It could be you! Sign up now! If you've been procrastinating, don't delay!

Three hundred

Martin, the unsung hero in the BRF office who deals with all the parts of the websites that are shrouded in mystery for me (basically, all of 'em), informed me this month that we now have 302 Messy Churches registered on the Directory. 302! That's a lot of families enjoying themselves in church.

The Importance of Belonging to the Directory

I thought our Messy Directory would simply serve to help Messy Church leaders, but no! An email from Jenny Martin containing copies of two letters reveals how useful it is for our networked congregations too. So sign up, for the sake of all the Matthews and Daniels out there! Hi Lucy

The Directory

I'm well chuffed with the steady trickle of Messy Churches coming on to the Directory. This will be really useful, both so that we can pray for each other and as people try to find one near them to visit... ... especially as I foolishly didn't write down the addresses of the Messy Churches I found by googling a while back, and when asked actually to send details of one I'd mentioned in Coventry, couldn't find it again.