Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community


In June 2013 we hosted our first Messy Munch.

What is Messy Munch?

This was our first attempt at intergenerational discipleship, aiming to strengthen relationships within our Messy Church congregation, in an informal way.  As we currently meet bimonthly, it has taken time to get to know some of the families on the fringe, and our long-term hope is that these families will not simply see Messy Church as an event that they drop in to if nothing else is happening, but will become part of the Christ-centred community.

Really interesting piece of work by Lichfield Diocese on discipleship in Messy Churches across their diocese. It would be good to read your comments on the results of the survey so do comment below. You can read the review at

Laura Meleleu writes:
I have been running Messy Church at St Paul's Church, Woking since January 2011 and we have had loads of families come along and join in the fun! Last year, we started to think about what we could do for some of these families in order to take them deeper in their faith and take them a step further in their relationship with God.

Messy Churches are trying out different ways of adding on extras to the actual Messy Church they run in order to help people grow in their discipleship. We need to share these stories so that together we can find the best ways forward for our Messy congregations and teams. It's not about showing off or one-upmanship - it's about trying to enrich the network and give more families the best possible chance of coming closer to Jesus. Your idea might be just what another church has been looking for.
Syl Hunt in Seascale is running Messy Moments as just such an 'extra':

Following on from our 'messy meet-up' with the loyal volunteers that help us run our MC in Morden. We had a discussion how we are able to take some ideas from the book written by Paul Moore on how to make Disciples in our MC.

We had been praying for a way to have a deeper conversation about Jesus with the many families that we come in contact with in our community through playgroup and other programs. We have trialled Messy Church services this year. Next Sunday will be our eighth and we are having a ball!

When we look back over the 100plus people who have attended, approximately 40% are people who would not normally attend our other church services.

Ruth Burrows and her team at Chichester St Pancras Messy Church have been treading grapes and bottling the wine! Definitely a team to go and visit when it tastes better. It takes time for wine to mature, but the new wine of families in this Messy Church is bubbling away in an exciting vintage all of its own, and it's good to see the church is happy to sew new wineskins to contain it.

Ruth shared her thoughts on a year of Messy Church. She writes:

Alstonville Messy Church, Australia

Trent Minton, a Messy friend in New South Wales wrote an encouraging email recently and in it mused on his Messy Church's efforts towards discipleship:

Nancy Rowe from St George's Church, Canada and her church have been growing people from their Messy Church using 'A Spirited Study'. Nancy writes:

Cerys Hughes in Lichfield Diocese and her team have held their first Family Cafe, and Cerys has kindly written about it. If you're thinking about a follow-on from Messy Church, it could be a great inspiration.