Messy Thomas

Enjoy exploring Thomas in your Messy Church at home! Download the session

Lockdown Easter

Musings from a locked room that I shared in a blithery sort of way with the Aussies, New Zealanders, Danes, Germans and Brits this morning.

Messy Church at home - Emmaus Road

Here's a Messy Church at home session to enjoy together, with four activities and a family celebration. Download the session

Messy Easter at home

Here's the Messy Easter at home session to use with the live story  on Messy Church - BRF Facebook at 5.00 pm on Sunday 12 April 2020. Download PDF

Messy Good Friday at home

A short Messy Church at home for Good Friday that you can simply send out to your families. It's designed to use items available in most homes. Download PDF

Summary of Easter resources

Here are some Lent and Easter resources to share with you, pulled together by Jane. Grab some new ideas or store away for another year:

Messy Palm Sunday

We've had lots of requests about Palm Sunday activities for Messy Church, particularly through our Facebook page. Palm Sunday is a feast that celebrates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem; there were palm leaves and coats on the ground which certainly sounds very Messy!

Messy Easter - 3 complete sessions for Lent, Holy Week and Easter

by Jane Leadbetter Messy sessions for the Easter period.  Buy now Buy PDF Download Sample pages

Messy Easter in Australia

This was a lovely Easter Season email to receive! Hello Lucy and Jane,

Music for Easter from Friends and Heroes

We used the song 'Remember me' as part of our Good Friday family time