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A jolly email from Lucinda Calvert in Stanborough - her enthusiasm shines through. And the loyalty card idea is a good one, though I hope (speaking as one who is remarkably fond of and motivated by gifts) the adults get one too.

While teaching at Birmingham Christian College over recent months, Jane Butcher and a group of students from BCC visited a local Church. Ten minutes into a tour, the guide said:

'I must tell you about this amazing event we do for families. It's called....''Messy Church''!'

She carried on by saying:

Lucy writes...

Joan Foster is, I think, enjoying her Messy Church and threatens to wear out the exclamation mark key on her keyboard.

Joan writes...

Yesterday, we had an amazing day!

It started in the morning when our usual 09.30 Eucharist was full of children. We usually have a fair number of young families, but we were celebrating the first birthday of our oldest 2012 baby bulge (13 baby baptisms last year and two held over to this year) and had several new families there to ask about baptism as well.

Alstonville Messy Church, Australia

Trent Minton, a Messy friend in New South Wales wrote an encouraging email recently and in it mused on his Messy Church's efforts towards discipleship:

I asked God for a birthday treat yesterday as I was away from home and out of reach of my pile of presents waiting there (though to my joy, my cooked breakfast arrived with a birthday candle stuck into the sausage!)

Bishop Tim of Grantham in Lincolnshire had his first visit to a Messy Church recently. Sources at Quadring Messy Church said the Bishop was amazed by his experience and would certainly go and tell others about Messy Church! Have you invited your Bishop / Chair of District / Eldership Team or whatever leaders your denomination has? Perhaps they're just waiting for the invitation...

Alison Thurlow emailed with a funny anecdote:

It's great fun to be part of a network that includes so many churches of so many traditions. Have a read through Frances Miley's honest, moving and hilarious emails to us from her Catholic church in Canberra. We're all on tenterhooks to see what happens next.

Hi Lucy

You will know of our dear friends and colleagues in Who Let The Dads Out? Tony passed on this very significant email from one such group. I think it's worth putting up on the Messy Church blog as well because it says something about the value of what we're all doing when we reach out to people with love, gentleness and food. Look at the unthreatening power of the witness of this group, so much appreciated by the person who writes the email.

Great to get this encouraging email from Maidenhead, and an interesting comment in it '... through simplicity [God] disciples us'...

The 'Our Church Together' event at High Street Methodist Church in Maidenhead was a real cause for celebration last month. With 100 adults and 30 children meeting to eat a turkey roast dinner and then explore the theme of prayer and promise through Messy Church, the smiles and mess ran for miles and warmed many a wintry heart.