Holy Communion in Messy Church

A really helpful guide to doing Messy Church Communion in an Anglican setting. This is a collaboration between Messy Church BRF and the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England, with help from Hymns Ancient and Modern. Read the introductory blog

Messy Church Communion

Rejoice, you Anglicans! The long-awaited Messy Church Holy Communion is here! The Liturgical Commission (of which Lucy is proud to be a member) of the Church of England, together with BRF, is delighted to bring you this very useful and free resource for planning a Eucharist in your Messy Church. 

Messy Communion or not?

Just had an enquiry about Holy Communion 'although most of the team are for it, one or two are against it: what would you say to them?' I thought it might be worth popping down the answer I've just sent. To those who don’t agree with HC in MC, I would suggest that they think about what they believe the Eucharist is really all about and what they think Messy Church really is.

One church's journey with Messy Communion

Chris Rowberry and his team have been exploring Messy Communion. They have kindly written up an inspiring piece about their experiences of the service known as 945@945.

Messy Communion

It's a while since we talked about Messy Eucharists. Chris emailed today asking if we knew of any happening, especially in an ecumenical setting. I've blogged in years past about St Wilf's ventures into the sacraments, but now that the website lets us take comments (whoop), and now that there are many Messy Churches who have given it a try, can we share some more experiences of Messy Communions?

Messy Cathedral

Let me tell you about my Saturday!

Holy Communion

Reading and reflecting on an American book Come Unto Me - Rethinking the sacraments for children by Elizabeth Frances Caldwell (The Pilgrim Press 1996). Lots of useful and challenging stuff in it about the importance of faith at home and a partnership between the whole church and the household from which a child comes, both around baptism and around communion. As Messy Churches start including the sacrament of communion, it's worth bouncing what we do off the challenges in pages 57-8:

Our first Messy Communion...

How very interesting. And moving. And thought-provoking. Amidst great fear and trepidation, we held our first Messy Communion last night at our Easter Messy Church. We had wondered about doing it as an Agape Meal, this having the advantage that there aren't any set Anglican rules and also that everyone would be 'allowed' to have the bread and wine. But in the end we held out for Communion on the grounds that we don't mess around with the Sunday congregation giving them what in churchy terms could be seen as second best, so why should the Thursday congregation miss out?