How do we finance our Messy Church?

It's got lots of tips and hints on easy ways to make your Messy Church work on shoestring because 'you don't need posh crafts'. 

'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: Financing your Messy Church

Round 5: 'Maximising the Mess' Mondays: How do we finance our Messy Church?

A massive thank you to all

At our most recent team meeting, we were humbled and amazed to hear how so many of you have responded to the £100 Messy Church Challenge that we put out at the end of last year. We are so grateful for those who set aside a generous donation to enable BRF's Messy Church team to continue its work of cheering on Messy Churches throughout the world. We already knew what a great Messy community you are out there, but this was the icing on the cake!