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Get Messy Magazine

From our friends in Australia - 

Here it is! Full of great ideas for Messy worship, music and prayer, as well as some food for thought and reflections on the International Messy Church Conference. 


Writers for Messy Church magazine sessions needed!

We need a team of four writers who 

Fabulous free ideas to add to the mix are on our BRF sister site Barnabas in Churches.

Here are some to complement the themes of Get Messy! this issue.

Martyn reflects on seeing the Get Messy! Magazine in action!

Over this last month I have visited quite a number of Messy Churches who have been using the harvest ideas from Get Messy! about the man who built bigger and bigger barns. It's been exciting and humbling to see how the same material in the magazine has been used creatively and differently by each Messy Church.