Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community

Holy Spirit

In April 2013 we covered the topic of Pentecost.  As well as learning about the Holy Spirit through crafts, games, worship and song we celebrated our own Messy Church birthday. We gave thanks to God for leading us into a fourth year of Messy Church fellowship and outreach, and enjoyed sharing a specially baked and decorated cake.

Ideas for discipling a Christ-centred community by Lucy Moore. Alongside the usual mix of creativity, fun, Christian hospitality and thanksgiving Messy Church 2 explores the importance of discipleship, faith development and training for leadership.

Season of mess and mellow stickiness... It must be the season for Messy Cathedrals. Norwich Cathedral hosted a vast Messy Cathedral last week (please see below for organiser Liz Dawes' write up) and it was a huge privilege for me to be invited to be part of the Messy Cathedral at Guildford Cathedral on Sunday.

With the thick snow outside as I write, I feel closer than usual to our colleagues in colder climes. Thomas Brauer, our regional coordinator for large chunks of Canada, sent news of the Messy Church picture over there as it unfolds, and some very juicy thoughts about the dangers of being a brand: