The Messy Church logo

The Messy Church® name and logo are registered trade marks of Bible Reading Fellowship. Download the Messy Church logo.

Gwunder Chile

A new Messy Church registration from Switzerland made us smile as we read about their Messy journey and unusual choice of logo.

Banners and more from CPO

Many of us are on the hunt for quality Messy Church merchandise. Several suppliers work in cooperation with Messy Church and give a commission to BRF's Messy Church for every item sold, so buying from them is a great way of supporting the central costs of Messy Church.

Messy Merchandise

Several people have contacted me recently asking for branded stuff with the Messy logo on. We don't stock many non-book items at BRF itself for lots of reasons that I won't bore you with, but if you would like to order things from the companies below that we know and love and trust and who have an agreement with us to give BRF's Messy Church a percentage of their sales of Messy things, everybody will be a winner.

Messy Merchandise

My two brothers have come up with the idea of producing some merchandise with a Messy Church logo on. Unlike them, I run whimpering for the hills at the thought of commerce, but something in me does warm to the idea of providing the possibility of good quality stuff that would a) be actually useful at Messy Church sessions b) would go back into homes and help families feel that they belong to the Messy Community by reminding them of its existence.