Messy Church Pinterest board

Welcome to our new Pinterest board! We are pinning exciting ideas to share with you and to support you and your Messy Churches. We can’t stop pinning! We have boards full of ideas on hospitality, SEND, Celebration ideas, outdoor activities, extreme crafts and so many more!

New CD from Fischy Music

Many Messy Churches have discovered how good songs from Fischy Music can be.  Stephen Fischbacher and his team work in schools in Scotland and many of us use his songs, such as Welcome Everybody and May you find peace in our messy celebrations.

Music for Easter from Friends and Heroes

We used the song 'Remember me' as part of our Good Friday family time

Worship for Everyone

Worship music accessible for all ages together.

Messy Music

Calling Messy Musicians! We're in the early stages of planning a Messy Music resource. Do you have any original songs written by people in your church that you've found go down well at your Messy Church? Do you think they'd be useful to other Messy Churches? If you'd like them to be considered for a Messy CD, do send them my way, either as an MP3 file or on CD or paper to BRF, 15 The Chambers, Vineyard, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3FE.

Useful song

One of my adventures back in December was to be invited to the Charity Events Evening held by AFD on the Isle of Man. AFD is the company behind the renowned storytelling resource Friends and Heroes. I spent a brilliant evening meeting some very wonderful people and being inspired by the different charities represented, then had an evenful journey back as the snow meant all flights were cancelled.

All things bright and beautiful

I forgot to include this when I was writing my Canada Diary: in Sunday church we sang that old favourite hymn and just when I was drawing breath for ‘The tall trees in the greenwood’ etc., we launched into the far superior Canadian version: The rocky mountain splendourThe loon’s wild haunting callThe great lakes and the prairiesThe forest in the fall...

Messy Church - Pentecost

And the rest of the Barnabas Team have been busy with Messy Church as well. Chris Hudson visited one up in the north-east recently and got his drums going... Here is what he writes: