Encouraging participation

Joining in! Doing stuff! Being a player, not a spectator! However you want to put it, it's really important to give everyone the chance to participate as much as possible in all parts of Messy Church as participation is a way for people to feel they belong, to learn and to stay engaged. Participation in the welcome time Is anyone hanging back, too shy to join in the board games or activities at the start? Have you got enough leaders to keep an eye open for newcomers and to join in alongside them?

The Sophia Network

A thatched pub in the New Forest in the sunshine: there are worse places to meet, and it was excellent to find out about the Sophia Network from one of its founders, Sharon Prior. You can read all about Sophia here. It's an organisation that exists to connect women in youth work and ministry to access training, develop skills and share wisdom.

Involving the Sunday congregation

The other question we've been chewing over at our planning meeting is how to involve the Sunday congregations more in Messy Church, both as helpers and to make it clear that this is an opportunity for them to invite neighbours and friends along and enjoy coming as a member themselves.

PCC and the social outing

Two things to talk about today: the first is the PCC meeting last week where I did a catchy-uppy report on Messy Church to fill everyone in. One member saw me sit down and muttered, 'Oh this won't take long, I expect you just want more money.'