Eurovision and Pentecost 2021

Eurovision and Pentecost often fall on the same weekend. To celebrate the 2021 Eurovision Song Content, the 65th edition held in Rotterdam, download the session for activity and other ideas! Download the session

Messy Church at home - Pentecost

It’s party time, so join in with the celebrations and mark the birthday of the church, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and the Messy Church Messtival on 22 May at 3.00 pm on YouTube! Share pictures of your marvellous creations using #messtival21.

Messy Church at home - Pentecost!

A fun session of Messy Church at home about Pentecost. Download the session

Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community by Lucy Moore. Overflowing with creative ideas to draw the community together for fun, food, fellowship and worship, this resource book contains 15 themed programme outlines. Each outline has ideas for creative art and craft activities, meal plans and recipes for eating together and family-friendly worship.

Messy Church - Pentecost

And the rest of the Barnabas Team have been busy with Messy Church as well. Chris Hudson visited one up in the north-east recently and got his drums going... Here is what he writes: