Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community


From a boy at Ruth Filsak's Messy Church: look carefully at the shape the marbling makes.

We are praying for all of the Messy Nativity Sheep Trails starting this weekend. Please do take photos of where your knitted sheep are 'flocking' to and send them to us. We know of lots of trails happening around the world and this week we've heard about Sheep Trails in the Falkland Islands, Harrow, Durham, Morecambe, Newcastle, Kent, Aberystwyth, Newcastle and more. What a fun way to tell people about the real meaning of Christmas! Ewe are very creative Messy people!

My Google Alerts for Messy Church has been sending me a plethora of marvellous links over the summer, with Messy Churches enthusiastically embracing summer sport in all its guises. Amazing to think of all those families enjoying themselves in church together!

Frances Ripley is going great guns to champion Messy Church within the Catholic Church. Here she is at a recent conference in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.