Using Facebook for publicity

A lovely email with some great tips on using Facebook for publicity. Thank you Jonathan Davie of Hamilton Baptist Church in Scotland. Hi Lucy, I'm Jonathan, the big lad you spoke to at Deep Impact, about to launch a Messy Church! I promised to let you know how we got on.

CPO Messy Nativity posters

We have teamed up with CPO to offer a range of Messy Church resources to help you publicise your Messy Church - from bookmarks to banners, stickers to hoodies.

Messy Church on BBC South Today

Messy Church appeared on BBC South Today recently.

Messy Promo

Thanks to Mike Brydon and his team for this very wacky video clip to promote their Messy Church in South Shields. It starts, 'So you think church is boring?' Huge fun, thank you!   Mike sent a very excited email after their first one in November:

What's in a name?

Someone emailed us recently asking for advice about the name of their Messy Church to-be. I found the question raised a lot of issues, so I've anonymised the reply I sent and copied it below in case you're interested. Names... it's an interesting one, and you've obviously taken on board some of the 'finer nuances' of the term 'messy', so I won't run through those again. The short answer is you must call it whatever you feel is best for your community.

Poole gathering

It was great to meet the Messy Church leaders from across Poole at a morning Messy Meet-Up, who had worked hard over Christmas at the local business community's Christmas event to provide a Messy experience for families visiting the marquee. The eleven Messy Churches shared the costs of printing up a leaflet with all the contact details and times of the different Messy Churches. They handed out hundreds at the event and one of the Messy Churches there reported that they had had at least one new family as a result.

Banners and more from CPO

Many of us are on the hunt for quality Messy Church merchandise. Several suppliers work in cooperation with Messy Church and give a commission to BRF's Messy Church for every item sold, so buying from them is a great way of supporting the central costs of Messy Church.

Mistaken mess

A friend sent through this lovely misunderstanding from their local paper: 'My church is holding a Messy Church this Wednesday - however, the local paper got the wrong idea when they published a notice about it, and printed the following: Church needs your help Help is needed to tidy St Mark's Church. A special cleaning day will be held on Wednesday October 6, and the team are appealing for volunteers to join in. No special skills are needed, just a willingness to join in and be part of the action.

Learning Networks

Our Mission Shaped Ministry course advocated 'learning networks' so emphatically that some of us who are on the course and lead Messy Churches in the south have formed a Facebook group to help us link up. Next year we hope to form a proper official Learning Network within Fresh Expressions for the wider Messy Church network - should be up and running next spring. Marie Beale, who leads a Messy Church in the Wirral, helpfully sent the following in response to my blog on 21 Oct:

Fab news and Facebook

Had the privilege of popping in on Rev Colin Blake to hear about Mead Vale's Messy Church at the weekend. What fun! It sounds to be going great guns, with requests for baptism and confirmation, and people joining Sunday church alongside Messy Church. Also inspired by his idea of having a Facebook group for their MC, with pictures and so on.

Outside Messy Church

Early Christians in hot climes were thrown to the lions; modern British martyrdom seems to consist of near-death by exposure. In August. In the south of England. We decided to do an outside Messy Church to advertise ourselves a bit in the neighbourhood, so set up shop on the local playing field (with the council's permission.) Picture several acres of desolate wilderness with a Wuthering Heights-type gale whistling over it and one or two solitary dogwalkers braving the elements while everyone else sensibly stayed inside and cheered on our gold medallists in Beijing.