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At The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), home of Messy Church, we just want to help you do what you do even better. Here's a project to ask your team about: The Great Big BRF Mess-About!

Charis Lambert, regional coordinator in London, sent this email about how they linked their two congregations one Sunday. Interesting that both congregations had to take a step towards each other - the Messy one came to a different building and members of the Sunday one changed their style of service for a week:

There's a brief glimpse of the ecumenical Messy Church on An Island Parish from Sark this last Friday - catch it on BBC iPlayer on the BBC2 listing. It looks as if the programme-makers are trying to turn it into a battleground between the traditionalists and the Messy Church congregation, judging by the interview they include straight after the Messy Church clip (about 8'13'' in).

Our thoughts on discipleship continue. Here is the summing-up that I wrote after recent discussions with people wiser than I am. By no means the end of the story but another step on it.

We are coming to see that discipleship in the Messy Church context is about some of the following:

A query has come in that highlights the relationship between the establishd body of the church and the emerging Messy Church:

We are charged for the costs of the hall in which we hold Messy Church each month. The hall belongs to the church but is a separate building. As an outreach of church I personally think we shouldn't be charged. Especially as we have to get by on donations. What are others' views on this ?

My - as usual - inadequate answer:

One discussion the regional coordinators had at the Round Table in September was about the value of small talk at Messy Church. One person even went so far as to say it can be sacramental and should be valued as such.

In a conversation about 'results' Colin and Angela Brown mentioned a letter by Thomas Merton to a young activist which makes good sense to all of us trying to 'do' in our Messy Churches.

Dear Jim,

Two things to talk about today: the first is the PCC meeting last week where I did a catchy-uppy report on Messy Church to fill everyone in. One member saw me sit down and muttered, 'Oh this won't take long, I expect you just want more money.'