social action

Facebook Live summarising the start of the listening process

Facebook Live notes for 1 July 2020 Hooray, Jane is back from furlough today!!!! Hooray, Richard has been given an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury!!!! I’ve been very conscious of your huge wave of support for me personally : much appreciated while I’ve been without Jane and Dave. I’ve not experienced a feeling of isolation, but instead a sense of hope.

Kathy Bland - Rural Messy Juggling

Kathy Bland, Regional Coordinator in Herefordshire and Social Action Coordinator, led the Facebook Lives on 17 June 2020 with oranges, David her husband, and Jonathan their son. Her notes from the hugely fun sessions: We’re juggling all the time, juggling different roles, house, church and work things, fitting in making videos and organising the food bank too. Our juggler friend, Thomas Trilby, reminded us yesterday of his friend Jim who said nothing useful gets done without juggling. Nothing useful gets done without keeping more than one ball in the air. And it’s hard.

Social Action

This guide is for families and churches on the importance of social action as part of your Messy Church. Messy social action: Messy Church seeks to be both ecclesial and missional; in other words, to be both fully a church where the congregation is nurtured and taught in the faith,  as well as a church that goes on reaching out creatively with the compassion of God and the good news of Jesus to others in its community and beyond.

How can we embrace Social Action at Messy Church?

A reflection from our Social Action Regional Coordinator, Kathy Bland:   People who come to Messy Church quickly become used to ‘getting stuck in’ with what we are doing. Messy Church is about being hands-on and learning about Jesus and the Bible by taking part in what is happening. It makes sense, then, that when it comes to being missional—by which I mean when it comes to joining in with what God is already doing in the world and in our communities—our Messy Church congregations will want to roll up their sleeves and get ‘messy’!