social media

Using Facebook for publicity

A lovely email with some great tips on using Facebook for publicity. Thank you Jonathan Davie of Hamilton Baptist Church in Scotland. Hi Lucy, I'm Jonathan, the big lad you spoke to at Deep Impact, about to launch a Messy Church! I promised to let you know how we got on.

Get messy - get social!

Well, let's be honest! It is another job to do and we are all busy enough. Is social media even on your Messy Church planning sheet? So why do we consider using social media with our Messy Churches? 

@messyweek Twitter campaign

Have you signed up for @messyweek yet?  Every week, a new member of the Messy Church community is @messyweek! For seven days, the person, people or church will tweet about their life, love and work, sharing opinions and ideas about their Messy Church along the way. Then, someone else does the same but differently.