Team building

Quiet Days at a distance: Creativity in words

Following on from the most recent blog on creativity and Ephesians 2:10, here are the word-based responses from the morning.

Quiet Days at a distance

It's a busy time in BRF's Messy Church this year. Correction: it's been a busy time in Messy Church since approximately 2008. And the danger we've always been aware of is that in all the busyness and 'doing', we somehow manage to stop having time for the person behind it all. We stop listening, noticing, being grateful or learning from experience and turn into a machine that churns out product. When we want to be a household the enjoys spending time with the head of the house and becoming more like that head in our attitudes and actions.

The Great Big BRF Mess-About

At The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), home of Messy Church, we just want to help you do what you do even better. Here's a project to ask your team about: The Great Big BRF Mess-About!

The Exhaustion Factor

There’s a big difference between the tingle and terror that zaps around the team just before your first ever Messy Church and the less urgent feeling just before your 45th month of Mess. It’s only human – human beings thrive on novelty and innovation, so when things settle into a routine, it can be hard to keep on believing in it in your heart as well as in your head. It can be hard to muster up the energy, to feel thankful to God, to feel inspired to make the most of every minute of the Mess.

Teams, food and wisdom

A wonderful group of Messy Church enthusiasts came to Lee Abbey last year to find out more about Messy Church. One was Alison Thurlow from Yate near Bristol. She emailed with some very good ideas right from the coalface: Working with people from outside the church

Fun Day

A 'next step' day for Messy Church leaders in our area, that's what we wanted it to be. And as we thought about what to do, we became more and more clear that we wanted to reflect our Messy values in what we offered. So instead of an 'adults only' training day, we put our thinking caps on and worked out how to make it a day that all ages could enjoy and benefit from. That way, all the Messy Church team, young and old could come together and be sure of an entertaining and worthwhile day out.