Teenagers and chocolate fountains

Jenny Board and Curtis, a teenager on her Messy Church team, were discussing how teenagers and Messy Church might work even better. Jenny kindly sent me this summary of their conversation: We discussed the possibility of the youngsters staying on after Messy Church, but recognised problems: parents, having gone home, wouldn't be too keen to turn out again. Messy Church helpers would be too tired to give of their best.

Teenagers at Messy Church

As part of BRF's commitment to developing discipleship of people who belong to Messy Churches, we're delighted to announce an exciting day for teenagers in association with the Methodist Church: Are you a young helper at Messy Church? Would you like to help Messy Churches internationally to be better at welcoming teenagers? A day for teenagers who help at Messy Churches across the UK and their accompanying adults

All age or age limits?

One of our regional coordinators recently wrote that she was thinking of having the words 'IT'S ALL AGE!' tattooed across her forehead as she was so fed up of explaining that Messy Church isn't a children's event. I enjoyed some recent correspondence with a Messy Church about this very subject, and it might be useful to others.