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Our thoughts on discipleship continue. Here is the summing-up that I wrote after recent discussions with people wiser than I am. By no means the end of the story but another step on it.

We are coming to see that discipleship in the Messy Church context is about some of the following:

A really thoughtful blog by Rachel Marszalek on Messy Church and whether or not it's church and what is church anyway is here and Will Coulson has also recently explored the same question here.

Woke up to a power cut, but can't complain as everyone else was woken even earlier by a fire alarm, which passed me by completely. A large vat of cottage cheese for breakfast left me curious but untempted. And the morning saw the two remaining sessions with the clergy as their conference ended. There was so much to say (about discipleship, faith at home, the growth, the values, our dreams for the future) and the questions kept on coming.

Another email made me stop and think about how we encourage Messy Church teams to put on the very best they can for God and for the people they serve. See how you react to it, especially if you read it in conjunction with Thomas's comments from Canada (blog on 6 Jan)

Having visited a worship session recently which was described to me as 'Messy Church', but which seemed to be a case of using the label as an excuse not to think things through or plan properly, I think that there is need to 'go back to basics'!

With the thick snow outside as I write, I feel closer than usual to our colleagues in colder climes. Thomas Brauer, our regional coordinator for large chunks of Canada, sent news of the Messy Church picture over there as it unfolds, and some very juicy thoughts about the dangers of being a brand: