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Who Let The Dads Out?

You will know of our dear friends and colleagues in Who Let The Dads Out? Tony passed on this very significant email from one such group. I think it's worth putting up on the Messy Church blog as well because it says something about the value of what we're all doing when we reach out to people with love, gentleness and food. Look at the unthreatening power of the witness of this group, so much appreciated by the person who writes the email.

If you receive our monthly emailed newsletter (free! fun! encouraging! useful!) you'll know that BRF has been delighted to welcome Who Let the Dads Out? to the BRF family recently.

My colleague Jane runs a Messy Church which in turn runs a Who Let The Dads Out? group. She wrote a few weeks ago:

So much happening! So exciting!


On Saturday Messy Church joined Who Let The Dads Out? at their annual conference in Stockport with workshops, fun craft activities and keynote speakers. Stories were shared, craft challenges were judged and a wonderful feeling of God at work in the community was heard.

Jane's L19:Messy Church has recently started a Who Let the Dads Out? initiative - a drop-in bacon butty morning for dads and children on a Saturday. It's going well, and our friends at WLTDO? have told us they have a few small grants of £100 to help start up a WLTDO? group, and have sent us information for a Mothering Sunday idea that other Messy Church leaders might like to pick up on. Here's what Dirk sent: