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As part of our Messy Church Does Science project, we're shining a light on famous scientists who were also Christians. For those of you who haven't seen the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures, it follows three black women working at NASA at a time when segregation still existed in US culture. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson were essential

I am learning so much about hospitality, with the generosity and unfussedness of the people here. I stayed with Bishop Barbara Andrews for my time in Kamloops and while my experience of bishops is small, I found it hard to remember she is bishop over a huge area and many people as she is so unassuming, down to earth and 'ordinary', like a wise aunt you want to sit round the kitchen table with and soak up her wisdom. I am hugely impressed. Why don't we have women bishops? Why is it such a big deal? We are missing out on so much.

Just back from a conference where for once I wasn't speaking about Messy Church, except in the all-important by-the-way conversations, but on women, or the lack of them, in church planting. As you know, I'm not a rampant feminist, bras are too expensive to burn, dungarees are too fiddly when you need the loo, and there are so many aspects of church and mission that I would rather be thinking about.

A surreal but fun couple of hours in the bowels of a hotel with 30 German visitors on a Fresh Expressions trip from near Hanover. I was greeted with remarks on my abnormality: 'You're the first woman leader we have met' and 'You're the first person we've met who doesn't use an Apple Mac.'