Messy Church

Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centred community


Welcome to Greg Ross and Brenton Prigge in Western Australia! Also Welcome to Sue and Glen Taylor in Queensland, Australia! These enthusiastic people are our new Regional Coordinators in very large regions of Australia and we hope that they will attract even more RCs to help them build teams to support all of the growing number of Messy Churches. 

Welcome to Jean Pienaar in Johannesburg and Rev Calvin Frans in George! How exciting to think that just as Fresh Expressions takes off in South Africa, after recent large conferences, we already have great support for the Messy Churches popping up there. Calvin coordinates a large Messy Church in the Western Cape and Jean began the first South African Messy Church by coming across this website! Please pray for Jean and Calvin as Messy Church evolves.

Google Web Alerts is a marvellous thing: it lets me know when a mention of Messy Church appears anywhere on the Web (how does it do such a marvellous thing? Surely a miracle?) I was so chuffed to find a mention of another Messy Church in the USA (there aren't many yet) that I dropped them an email and got this bouncy reply from Amy. I think CT is Connecticut but am not sure how many c's it should have so apologies to St Tim's if I'm wrong on either c(c)ount.

And Amy asks an important question in her final paragraph: once again, any help with this gratefully received.

Jean Pienaar from South Africa sent an update of her story. Exciting, isn't it, how God's ahead of us every inch of the way?

'I actually first became aware of Messy Church through your website. I was consulting with Uncle Google for some ideas for a Sunday-school-run family service. And on familiarising myself with the Messy Church concept, I quickly realised that this is definitely a concept that we can use in our parish, and something some of the leadership have been talking around for a few months.

Messy Month is a chance to celebrate and share all the Messy news and information with your other church congregations, inviting them to be part of the Messy ministry in prayerful, practical and financial ways, and to thank God for all he's doing through our Messy Churches.

Fresh Expressions in Germany have made a great video of Susanne Paul's Messy Church (complete with Hedwig the Hen). Please forward this to any friends and relatives in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.


Friday 17 August

Why am I cursed with travel sickness? How can a grown person be sick seven times en an otherwise uneventful route from London to Sydney? The mercy was that I had three seats to myself from Singapore to Sydney, so I could stretch out for a bit in a lumpy sort of way, but oh, the ignominy of going greeny-grey in public... so many times... Praise the Lord for airsick bags! I shall take one with me everywhere.

Rev Bob Short has taken the plunge and started a Messy Church on Ibiza! So next time you're wandering back from your nightclub on holiday there, drop into the Anglican Chaplaincy and say hello. Bob writes:

Our friend Marty Woods of Fusion has been in Kiev recently, training people running festivals for the Euro Cup (I assume this is football?) and these generous people have also translated the Messy Church basics into Russian for us - huge thanks, oh Russian friends and Marty!


I flew out with the gloriously few other passengers to Billund, where Inger was waiting despite the plane being ten minutes early and the baggage circling forlornly before I even reached the carousel. Lovely to see Inger again and catch up with her after two years: good job her English is so impressive as my Danish still consists of only the words Mange tak and Hej. Oh, and I've added schlachterhus to my vocabulary. I knew when I heard it I wouldn't be able to forget it: yes, slaughterhouse. Why can't I remember something useful?