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Using our name and logo

Lots of people have been in touch asking if they can use the Messy Chuch logo to advertise their Messy Church to everyone.

Can I use the name 'Messy Church'?

The Messy Church® name and logo are registered trade marks of BRF.

Messy Church is a church, not a craft club, that helps people encounter Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Messy Church values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration.

Messy Church is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship which believes, with the historic churches, in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If your Messy Church subscribes to these values we are very happy for you to use our Messy Church name and logo, so long as this is within certain parameters. We understand that ideas need to be contextualised for your local church/situation and this may therefore involve adapting certain elements of Messy Church. However we want to ensure that the core values of Messy Church are maintained by churches using the name and/or logo. We would therefore ask that before you call something 'Messy Church', you ensure that you're clear what Messy Church is and that using the name is appropriate in your context.

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Can I use the name Messy Church for a bank account?

If you're opening a bank account for your Messy Church, please make it easy for the bank by opening it with a name that makes it very clear that it is your Messy Church, as there may be several Messy Church accounts in the same bank. So the account name 'Messy Church' would be bad. 'Messy Church St Oswald's Henfield' would be good.

Download the Messy Church logo

We have a range of different logos available to download. Please note that Messy Church® is a registered word mark and the logo is a registered device mark of The Bible Reading Fellowship.

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