Messy Church sessions themes

This is a comprehensive list of Messy Church sessions. Some are freely available on the website and some are from our paid books and resources.

Resource title Session Themes New or Old Testament? Bible passage
Get Messy! May 2013 Pentecost – invisible God Pentecost  New/Old John 20:22; Ezekiel 37; Acts 2
Get Messy! June 2013 Amy Carmichael  Historical character  New/Old  Matthew 28:18–20; Jeremiah 29:11 
Get Messy! July 2013 Calming the storm  Jesus' miracle  New  Matthew 8:23–27 
Get Messy! August 2013 Zacchaeus  Jesus' friend  New  Luke 19:1–10 
Get Messy! September 2013 The sower  Parable  New  Matthew 13:1–23; Mark 4:1–9 
Get Messy! October 2013 Halloween  Halloween  New  Romans 8:37–39 
Get Messy! November 2013 Death/heaven  Jesus' teaching   New  John 14:1–7 
Get Messy! December 2013 Christmas  Christmas  New  Matthew 1:18—2:12; Luke 2:1–20 
Get Messy! January 2014 Samson Biblical character Old Judges 13—16
Get Messy! February 2014 Timothy  Family  New  2 Timothy 1:5
Get Messy! March 2014 Easter  Easter  New  Luke 22:39–43 
Get Messy! April 2014  The world we live in  Creation  Old  Psalm 148
Get Messy! May 2014 Pentecost – power  Pentecost  New  Acts 2 
Get Messy! June 2014 Philippian jailer/New beginnings  Family  New  Acts 16:16–34 
Get Messy! July 2014 Fiery furnace  Biblical character  Old  Daniel 3 
Get Messy! August 2014 Women at the well  Jesus' teaching  New  John 4:1–42 
Get Messy! September 2014 Money – man with bigger barns  Jesus' teaching  New  Luke 12:13–21 
Get Messy! October 2014 Halloween – your body is a temple  Halloween New  1 Corinthians 6:19; Psalm 139 
Get Messy! November 2014 Lazarus, Martha and Mary  Jesus' friend  New  John 11 
Get Messy! December 2014 Christmas – powerlessness  Christmas  New  Luke 2:1–40; Matthew 1—2 
Get Messy! January 2015 Prayer – Pharisee and tax collector  Jesus' teaching  New  Luke 18:9–14 
Get Messy! February 2015 Jesus' temptations (I will give you all of this if…)  The world  New  Matthew 4:1–11 
Get Messy! March 2015 Healing Bartimaeus  Jesus' miracle  New  Mark 10:36–52 
Get Messy! April 2015  Easter – love Easter  New  John 3:16, 19 
Get Messy! May 2015 Pentecost – unity in community  Pentecost  New  Acts 4:32–34 
Get Messy! June 2015 Trinity – the great commission  Jesus' teaching New  Matthew 28:16–20 
Get Messy! July 2015 Healing the paralysed man on the roof  Jesus' miracle  New  Luke 5:17–26 
Get Messy! August 2015 Servanthood – footwashing The world  New  John 13:1–17; Mark 9:33–37 
Get Messy! September 2015 Harvest – hospitality  Harvest  New  Luke 14:15–32 
Get Messy! October 2015 Halloween – freedom (Moses)  Halloween  Old  Exodus 1—12 
Get Messy! November 2015 Remembrance  Remembrance  Old  Zechariah 10:9; Psalm 137
Get Messy! December 2015 Christmas  Christmas  New  John 1 
Get Messy! January 2016 Beginnings and endings – Simeon and Anna  Biblical character  New  Luke 2:21–40 
Get Messy! February 2016 Bread and wine – the last supper  Jesus' teaching  New  Matthew 26:17–30 
Get Messy! March 2016 Easter – the cross sacrifice (Good Friday)   Easter New  Luke 24:1–12 
Get Messy! April 2016 Widow's mite – hope, justice, freedom, kingdom  Jesus' teaching  New  Luke 21:1–4
Get Messy! May 2016 Pentecost – our worldwide family  Pentecost  New  Colossians 1:6–14 
Get Messy! June 2016 Trinity – valley of dry bones  Trinity  Old  Ezekiel 37:1–14 
Get Messy! July 2016 Handling our worries  Jesus' teaching  New  Matthew 6:25–34 
Get Messy! August 2016 Team Jesus (Rio Olympics)  Jesus' friend  New  Mark 3:13–19 
Get Messy! September 2016 Harvest – the ten lepers  Harvest  New  Luke 17:11–19 
Get Messy! October 2016 Halloween – salt and light  Halloween  New  Matthew 5:13–19 
Get Messy! November 2016 Trusting God  Christian lifestyle  Old  Psalm 23 
Get Messy! December 2016 Christmas – the annunciation Christmas New Luke 1:26–38
Get Messy! January 2017 Samuel – listening to God  Biblical character  Old  1 Samuel 1—3 
Get Messy! February 2017 Hidden treasure  Parable  New  Matthew 13:44–46 
Get Messy! March 2017 The unforgiving servant  Parable  New  Luke 18:21–35 
Get Messy! April 2017 Easter – Mary annoints Jesus  Easter  New  Mark 14:3–9 
Get Messy! May 2017 Elijah – still, small voice  Biblical character  Old  1 Kings 18—19 
Get Messy! June 2017 The lost son  Parable  New  Luke 15:11–32 
Get Messy! July 2017 John the Baptust  Jesus' friend  New  Mark 1:1–11 
Get Messy! August 2017 The centurian's servant  Jesus' miracle  New  Matthew 8; Luke 7:1–10 
Get Messy! September 2017 Trinity – built together by the Holy Spirit  Trinity  New  Ephesians 2:21; Genesis 11 
Get Messy! October 2017 Halloween – the ten bridesmaids  Jesus' parable New  Matthew 25:1–13 
Get Messy! November 2017 Remembrance – Holy Spirit as comforter  Remembrance  New  John 14:15–27 
Get Messy! December 2017 Christmas – Joseph  Christmas  New  Luke 2; Matthew 1:18–25 
Get Messy! January 2018 Stairway to heaven  Old Testament  Old  Genesis 28:10–22
Get Messy! February 2018 Mothering Sunday – Jesus' mother and brothers  Family  New  Matthew 12:46–50 
Get Messy! March 2018 Easter – thieves on the cross  Easter  New  Luke 23:32–43 
Get Messy! April 2018 The dead girl and the sick woman  Jesus' miracle  New  Matthew 9:18–26 
Get Messy! May 2018 Pentecost – 'I am with you always'  Pentecost  New  Matthew 28:16–20 
Get Messy! June 2018 Money and things – Jesus and the rich young man  Jesus' teaching  New  Mark 10:17–27
Get Messy! July 2018 Self-image – wonderfully made  Christian lifestyle  Old  Psalm 139:14 
Get Messy! August 2018 Eco-theme  The world  Old  Genesis 1:26–31 
Get Messy! September 2018 Worries and hopes – the cost of being a disciple  Christian lifestyle  New  Matthew 8:19–20 
Get Messy! October 2018 Halloween – feeling safe  Halloween  New  Luke 15:1–7 
Get Messy! November 2018 Remembrance – being listened to by adults  Remembrance  Old  2 Kings 5:1–14 
Get Messy! December 2018 Christmas – self-worth/God's love  Christmas  New  John 3:16 
Get Messy! January 2019 Neighbours – Jesus when he was 12  Jesus' teaching New  Luke 2:41–52 
Get Messy! February 2019 Self-confidence – Gideon  Christian lifestyle  Old  Judges 6 
Get Messy! March 2019 Friends/kindness – Jesus and the woman caught in adultery  Jesus' teaching  New  John 8:1–11 
Get Messy! April 2019 Easter – Jesus and the cross  Easter  New  Matthew 27—28 
Get Messy! May 2019 Prayer Holy Habits New Luke 18:1–8
Get Messy! June 2019 Making More Disciples Holy Habits Old Genesis 15:1–6
Get Messy! July 2019 Worship Holy Habits Old Psalm 8
Get Messy! August 2019 Fellowship Holy Habits Old Genesis 2:4–7, 18–22
Get Messy! September 2019 Gladness and Generosity  Holy Habits Old Malachi 3:1–12 
Get Messy! October 2019 Biblical Teaching  Holy Habits  New  Ephesians 6:10–20
Get Messy! November 2019  Eating Together Holy Habits  New Luke 24:13–35 
Get Messy! December 2019  Christmas – small is mighty Christmas  New  Luke 2:4–20 
Get Messy! January 2020 Sharing Resources Holy Habits  New Matthew 25:31–40
Get Messy! February 2020 Serving  Holy Habits   New  Matthew 7:24–29 
Get Messy! March 2020 Breaking Bread  Holy Habits   New  Acts 20:7–12 
Get Messy! April 2020 Easter – The biggest miracle ever  Holy Habits   New  John 19:26–35 
Get Messy! May 2020 Down by the river Christian lifestyle New  Acts 8:26–40 
Get Messy! June 2020  Do not fear, just have faith Jesus' miracle  New  Mark 5:21–43 
Get Messy! July 2020 Jonah's Messy Olympics Biblical character  Old  Jonah 1 
Get Messy! August 2020 God vs water  Christian lifestyle New  Matthew 14:22–33 
Get Messy! September 2020 It only took one stone Biblical character  Old 1 Samuel 17:32–50
Get Messy! October 2020 Paul and Silas Biblical character New Acts 16:25–35
Get Messy! November 2020 Shine like a star Jesus' teaching New Matthew 5:14–16
Get Messy! December 2020 Christ(mas) is here Christmas New Luke 2:4–18
Get Messy! January 2021 Good Samaritan  Jesus' teaching  New  Luke 10:30–37
Get Messy! February 2021 Choosing God's voice  Jesus' teaching  New  Matthew 4:1–11 
Get Messy! March 2021 Mum's big day out  Mother's Day  Old  Ruth 1—4 
Get Messy! April 2021 The stone's been rolled away  Easter  New  Matthew 28 
Get Messy! May 2021 Blinded into seeing Biblical character New Acts 9:3–18
Get Messy! June 2021 Don't bury your talents Christian lifestyle New Matthew 25:14–30
Get Messy! July 2021 The rich young ruler Jesus' teaching New Mark 10:10–17
Get Messy! August 2021 Two by two The world Old Genesis 6:5–6
Get Messy! September 2021 Trusting is believing Christian lifestyle New Mark 10:46–52
Get Messy! October 2021 Alone and scared Biblical character Old 1 Kings 17
Get Messy! November 2021 Sew miraculous! Christian lifestyle New Acts 9:36–43
Get Messy! December 2021 The birth of Jesus Christmas New Luke 2
Get Messy! January 2022 The parable of the lost coin Jesus' parable New Luke 15:8–10
Get Messy! February 2022 Justice for all Biblical character Old 1 Kings 21
Get Messy! March 2022 Celebrating small Jesus' parable New Matthew 13:31–35
Get Messy! April 2022 The greatest love story ever told Easter New Matthew 26:1–5
Get Messy! May 2022 Pillar of comfort Old Testament Old Exodus 13:20–22
Get Messy! June 2022 It's all about fishing Jesus' teaching New Mark 1:16–20
Get Messy! July 2022 Zac's up the tree Jesus' teaching New Luke 19:1–10
Get Messy! August 2022 Forgiveness is a loving action Christian lifestyle New Matthew 18:21–35
Messy Church Abraham and Sarah – we all belong to the same family Biblical character Old  Genesis 12—21
Messy Church Joseph – trusting God  Biblical character  Old  Genesis 37—50
Messy Church Moses – God's rescue  Biblical character  Old  Exodus 1—15 
Messy Church Joshua – nothing is impossible for God  Biblical character  Old  Judges 6 
Messy Church I am the true vine  I am sayings  New  John 15:1–11 
Messy Church I am the light of the world  I am sayings  New  John 8:12 
Messy Church I am the good shepherd  I am sayings  New  John 10:7–11 
Messy Church Christmas  Christmas  New  Luke 2:1–21; Matthew 1:18—2:15 
Messy Church Creation – God is a creator God  Creation  Old  Genesis 1:1—2:4
Messy Church Noah – a new start  Biblical character  Old  Genesis 6:1—9:7 
Messy Church New life in Jesus  Easter  New  Luke 22—24 
Messy Church New life in the Spirit  Pentecost  New  Acts 2:1–13 
Messy Church 2 Love God – God as our heavenly Father Parable New Luke 15:11–32
Messy Church 2 Love your neighbour  Parable  New  Luke 10:25–37 
Messy Church 2 Love your world  Psalm  Old  Psalm 8 
Messy Church 2 Christmas  Christmas  New  Luke 2:1–21; Matthew 2:1–12 
Messy Church 2 Jesus is found in the temple  Jesus  New  Luke 2:41–52 
Messy Church 2 Lent – Jesus and the devil  Jesus  New  Luke 4:1–13 
Messy Church 2 Spring festivals – Jesus' death and resurrection  Easter  New  John 19:16—20:10 
Messy Church 2 Ruth  Harvest  Old  Ruth
Messy Church 2 Hannah – prayer  Biblical character  Old  1 Samuel 1:1–28 
Messy Church 2 Esther – God works through us  Biblical character  Old  Esther 1:1—9:19 
Messy Church 2 Who is God? – Creator God  Christian basics  Old  Psalm 19:1 
Messy Church 2 Who is Jesus?  Christian basics  New  Matthew; Mark; Luke; John 
Messy Church 2 Who is the Holy Spirit?  Christian basics  New  Galatians 5:22–23 
Messy Church 2 Messy baptism  Sacrament  New  Ephesians 4:4–5 
Messy Church 2 Messy Communion  Sacrament  New  Matthew 26:17–30; Luke 22:19–20; 1 Corinthians 11:23–26
Messy Church 3 A new start – forgiveness Gospel New Luke 5:17–26
Messy Church 3 Love rules – love your neighbour  Love  New  Luke 10:38–42 
Messy Church 3 Mothers and others  Mother's Day  New  Luke 1:26—2:52 
Messy Church 3 Easter  Easter  New  John 18—20 
Messy Church 3 The Holy Spirit  Pentecost  New  Galatians 5:22–23 
Messy Church 3 The Lord's Prayer  Prayer  New  Matthew 6:5–14 
Messy Church 3 Blessing our communities  Serving  New  Mark 4:30–32 
Messy Church 3 Journeys – journey of the Christian life  Journeys  New  Acts 
Messy Church 3 Harvest – giving thanks  Harvest  New  John 6:5–14 
Messy Church 3 Light up the darkness – Jesus is the light of the world  Halloween  New  Luke 11:33 
Messy Church 3 Remember me  Remembrance  New  Luke 23:32–43 
Messy Church 3 Christmas  Christmas  New  Luke 1—2 
Messy Church 3 Money matters – counting our blessings  Stewardship  New  Luke 21:1–4 
Messy Church 3 Pets and peace – the family of God  Animals  Old  Isaiah 11:1–3, 6–9 
Messy Church 3 Healthy body, healthy soul – life in all its fullness  Well-being  New  1 Corinthians 12:12–27 
Messy Hospitality Abraham and the three visitors Hospitality Old Genesis 18:1–15
Messy Hospitality The meals Jesus ate – accepting everyone Hospitality  New  Matthew 9:9–12 
Messy Hospitality The last supper – more than just food Hospitality  New  Matthew 26:17–30 
Messy Hospitality The early Church – working together Hospitality  New  Acts 6:1–4; Acts 28:7; Romans 12:13 
Messy Hospitality The heavenly home – the hospitality of heaven  Hospitality  New  Revelation 21:9—22:5 
Messy Togetherness A shelter for all – building up the people of God  Intergenerational Old  Nehemiah 8:1–18
Messy Togetherness A family for all – all are welcome  Intergenerational  New  Luke 2:22–38 
Messy Togetherness A home for all – everyone has a role  Intergenerational  New  1 Corinthians 12:12–27 
Messy Christmas Advent Christmas  New  Luke 2:1–7
Messy Christmas Christmas  Christmas  New  Luke 2:1–21 
Messy Christmas Epiphany  Christmas  New  Matthew 2:1–12 
Messy Easter Lent Easter New  Matthew 4:1–11; Mark 1:12–13; Luke 4:1–13 
Messy Easter Holy Week  Easter  New  Matthew 21:1–11; Matthew 26:14–16, 36–68 
Messy Easter  Easter  Easter  New  Matthew 28:1–15; Mark 16:1–18; Luke 24:1–49, John 20:1–31 
Seriously Messy Remembering Death/life New 1 Corinthians 11:23–25
Seriously Messy  Saying goodbye and hello  Death/life  New John 21:1–14 
Seriously Messy Sleeping tight  Death/life   New John 12:24 
Seriously Messy Being loved  Death/life   Old Psalm 23:4, 6 
Seriously Messy Finding safe spaces  Death/life   Old Psalm 27:4–5 
Holy Habits in Messy Church The Jesus habit Holy Habits  New  John 10:11–16
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Gladness and Generosity  Holy Habits New Luke 15:21–24 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Making More Disciples Holy Habits  New  Matthew 28:16–20
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Sharing Resources  Holy Habits  New  Matthew 25:31–46 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Serving  Holy Habits  New  John 13:1–17 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Biblical Teaching  Holy Habits  New  Luke 24:13–35 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Eating Together  Holy Habits  New  Luke 5:27–32
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Worship  Holy Habits  New  Matthew 26:6–13 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Prayer  Holy Habits  New  Luke 11:1–12 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Breaking Bread  Holy Habits  New  John 21:1–14 
Holy Habits in Messy Church  Fellowship  Holy Habits  New  John 15:1–17 
Authorised Mess Messy beginnings Creation Old Genesis 1—2
Authorised Mess  Moses – from bulrushes to burning bush  Biblical character  Old  Exodus 2—4
Authorised Mess  Moses – the great escape  Biblical character  Old  Exodus 5—13 
Authorised Mess  Wholly holy – what does holy mean?  Christian lifestyle  Old  Leviticus 
Authorised Mess  Journeying on and on  Journeys  Old  Numbers 
Authorised Mess  Ruth – love, loyalty and harvest  Biblical character  Old  Ruth 
Authorised Mess  Wild warriors, wild worshippers  Christian lifestyle  Old  1 Chronicles 
Authorised Mess  Great advice, good influences or going off the rails?  Old Testament  Old  2 Chronicles 
Authorised Mess  God is our strength  Biblical character  Old  Nehemiah 
Authorised Mess  Enterprising Esther  Biblical character  Old  Esther 
Authorised Mess  Job – life is messy  Biblical character  Old  Job 
Authorised Mess  Psalms – songs and emotions  Old Testament  Old  Psalms 
Authorised Mess  Proverbs – advice for life  Old Testament  Old  Proverbs 
Authorised Mess  Seasons of life  Christian lifestyle  Old  Ecclesiastes 3 
Authorised Mess  Wacky warnings  Biblical character  Old  Jeremiah 
Authorised Mess  Lamentations – God with us  Christian lifestyle  Old  Lamentations 3:22–23 
Authorised Mess  Ezekiel – God brings new life to all  Biblical character  Old  Ezekiel 37:1–14 
Authorised Mess  Messy Daniel – the power of prayer  Biblical character  Old  Daniel 
Authorised Mess  Hosea – God's great love  Biblical character  Old  Hosea 11:8–9 
Authorised Mess  Amos – God is loving and just  Biblical character  Old  Amos 
Authorised Mess  Obadiah – helping others  Biblical character  Old  Obadiah 
Authorised Mess  Jonah – listening to God  Biblical character  Old  Jonah 
Authorised Mess  Nahum – warnings  Biblical character  Old  Nahum 
Authorised Mess  Micah – justice, mercy and humility  Christian lifestyle  Old  Micah 6:8 
Authorised Mess  Habakkuk – listening to God  Biblical character  Old  Habakkuk 
Authorised Mess  Zephaniah – God delights in us  Biblical character  Old  Zephaniah 3:17 
Authorised Mess  Haggai – God is with us  Biblical character  Old  Haggai 1:13 
Authorised Mess  Growing in faith, hope and love  Christian lifestyle New  1 Corinthians 
Authorised Mess  Treasure from heaven  Christian lifestyle  New  2 Corinthians 
Authorised Mess  Thanksgiving and perseverance  Christian lifestyle  New  Philippians 
Authorised Mess  Jesus is number one!  Jesus  New  Colossians 
Authorised Mess  Sharing God's love with others  Christian lifestyle  New  1 Timothy 
Authorised Mess  A fair affair? – we are all loved by God  Jesus  New  Philemon 
Authorised Mess  New and improved  Jesus  New  Hebrews 
Authorised Mess  Light, love and life  Easter  New  1 John 
Authorised Mess  Letters of love and encouragement  Christian lifestyle  New  2 John 
Authorised Mess  Missing pieces  Christian lifestyle  New  Jude 
Authorised Mess  The biggest party ever  Christian lifestyle  New  Revelation 
One-off session Real me Identity Od/New  Ephesians 1; 1 Samuel 16 
One-off session  Messy unfrozen  Identity  New  Various 
One-off session  Messy wedding  Jesus' miracle  New  John 2:1–11 
One-off session Messy Remembrance Remembrance New  James 4:1–3; Matthew 5:9
One-off session 'Drop Everything' – Following Jesus Rural Mission Sunday New Mark 1:16-20
One-off session Toilet Twinning Toilet Twinning Old/New Jeremiah 29:11; John 10:10; Mark 12:31
One-off session Messy Money Money New Luke 19:1–10
One-off session Messy Christingle  Christingle  New  Matthew 5:13–16
One-off session It's a jubilee!  Queen's Platinum Jubilee  Old  Leviticus 25:1–13